Cassandra Frenchs Finishing School S01E05

23-year-old Cassandra French has a life planned for herself that includes great friends, a great job -and a great guy. She’s got the love and support of her best friends and a gig with a PR company working for the non-stop Wendy, but things aren’t going so well on the boy front. She’s had a series of failed relationships, her most recent breakup sending her for a bit of a spin. When Owen, her one-night rebound she meets at a bar, turns out to be even worse than all of the rest, Cassandra decides it’s time to set these guys straight by chaining Owen up in her basement and teaching him to be a better man. Meanwhile, she’s got to contend with her mother on house arrest, and a client of the PR firm who she can’t stop thinking about even though she knows better than to get involved, as well as the day-to-day difficulties of, um, keeping a boy tied in the basement of her house without anyone knowing about it. Because whether she’s in over her head or not, Cassandra French’s Finishing School for boys is open for enrollment.



Cassandra French’s Finishing School Primeira Temporada

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