Isle of the Dead 1945 Assistir Trailer [HD]

In 1912, during the First Balkan War, the cruel, heartless and superstitious Greek General Nikolas Pherides rows a boat to a small island with the American Boston Star journalist Oliver Davis to visit his wife’s grave. They find it destroyed and the body missing and they overhear a woman singing. Soon they learn that the archaeologist Albrecht lives in the island with his servant Madame Kyra and is welcoming his friends St. Aubyn, his wife Mrs. Mary St. Aubyn and their servant Thea; and Andrew Robbins. Albrecht invites General Pherides and Oliver to spend the night with them but during the night, Andrew dies. General Pherides summons Dr. Drossos that informs that Andrew died of pestilence and advises that they have to stay quarantined in the spot for the plague until the warm and dry Sirocco wind blows in the island. Otherwise it might happen an outbreak in the continent. The superstitious Kyra convinces General Pherides that Thea is the evil demon Vorvolaka and Mrs. St. Aubyn and Oliver need to protect her against the ignorance.


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