Life in Pieces S03E03

Nova comédia familiar, que em cada episódio vai mostrar quatro histórias sobre diferentes pontos de vistas dos membros dessa família adorável e disfuncional.

Comedy about one big happy family and their sometimes awkward, often hilarious and ultimately beautiful milestone moments as told by its various members.

Season 03, Episode 03 – “Treasure Ride Poker Hearing”
When Heather finds a map to a time capsule she buried with her brothers as kids, they all set out to find it and dig it up. Also, Jen learns she has a low car service rating so she books rides across the city to charm drivers and increase her score; Joan joins her neighbor’s poker game in an effort to win an unusual prize; and John finally gets hearing aids but they aren’t having the effect he was hoping for.


Enviado em 17 de dezembro de 2017

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