Legenda Rellik S01E03

A história acompanha a vida de um serial killer, sendo que a trama será narrada ao inverso (daí o título, que significa Killer/assassino de trás para frente). A trama, que inicia com um assassinato, continua a cada episódio com uma história que retrocede aos poucos, contando a trajetória do assassino.

Gabriel and the team are dealing with the fact that another body has been discovered, seemingly the work of the serial killer. Questions are raised about Gabriel’s suitability to be leading this case, and the rest of his team have to step up to the plate when he’s called away on a personal mission – one that strikes at the heart of his family. Gabriel’s struggle to balance his relationships with the women in his life threatens to jeopardise the safety of his daughter and he finds himself faced with a father’s worst nightmare. Meanwhile, another suspect in the serial killer case emerges. When the truth of the brutal murder is finally revealed it is more shocking than anyone could have imagined.


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Rellik S01E03

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