Ruyis Royal Love in the Palace S01E01

Este drama retrata a vida e mais tarde trágico fim de Qingying, mais tarde conhecido como Ruyi, cuja história é baseada na de Lady Ulanara.

This drama depicts the life and later tragic end of Qingying, later known as Ruyi, whose story is based on that of Lady Ulanara.

AD 1735 when Qianlong ascended the throne with his childhood concubine QingYing. From then, it is all about a loving couple which marriage slow collapse due to lost of trust. When Qianlong ascended the throne, QingYing became Concubine Xian. However, many were against her and also Qianlong Mother has family feud with her. She requested to change her name to RuYi. Dangers always surround RuYi and at the same time Qianlong was settling his political affair due to new reign, to gain support from the veterans and gaining trust of citizens. Qianlong and RuYi supported each other throughout this difficult time. Until they overcome all obstacles, Qianlong manage to bestow RuYi as his Empress, and share the nation with her. However, after RuYi became the Empress, she realised her young husband had already transform into a matured Emperor. An always suspicious and fickle attitude of the Emperor gradually affected their trust and shattered their relationship.



Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Primeira Temporada

Title: ??? / Ru Yi Zhuan

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