Tommy Cooper Not Like That Like This 2014 Assistir Trailer [HD]

A vida do popular comediante britânico Tommy Cooper e o dilema que este enfrentou quando se apaixonou pela sua assistente. Na altura Tommy era casado e, sem conseguir escolher apenas uma, acabaria por manter uma relação com as duas mulheres, que durou 17 anos.

With his trade-mark fez and bumbling stage persona involving clever conjuring tricks which appear to have gone wrong Tommy Cooper is one of Britain’s most popular comedians, respected by his peers. However behind the public image is a curmudgeonly man who drinks too much. Mother of his children Tom Junior and Vicky, his wife Gwen – known as Dove – frequently travels with him to his performances but now feels that her place is at home with the children. Afraid of loneliness Tommy asks the married stage manager Mary Kay to join him on tour . Whilst Dove is concerned that his drinking and late nights are damaging to his health and a sign for him to give up, Mary is encouraging – partly as she sees Tommy as being helpful to her husband’s writing aspirations. Soon Tommy is declaring his love for Mary whilst remaining married to Dove, with whom there are violent domestic exchanges. Surprisingly Tommy is able to sustain relationships with both women until his death on stage in 1984, a fact which causes sarcastic comments from Miff, his plain-spoken agent, who is not afraid to tell Tommy exactly what he thinks of him.

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